Marks: 100        Questions: 50           Date: 14-11-2010        Time: 1 hr
All questions carry 2 marks each. There is no negative marking.
1.    The Jataka Tales were composed in the ancient language of _________
a)    Sanskrit
b)    Brahmi
c)    Greek
d)    Pali

2.    Who is the Head of Indian State?  
a)    Prime Minister
b)    President
c)    Speaker
d)    Vice President
Ans: b

3.    When was constitution of India adopted by Constituent Assembly?
a)    26th November, 1949
b)    26th January, 1950
c)    15th August, 1947
d)    30th January, 1948

4.    Which countries participate in Common Wealth Games?
a)    All countries of World
b)    Countries which were colonies of British Empire
c)    Asia Pacific Region Countries
d)    Under-developed countries
Ans: b

5.    Vishwanathan Anand is associated with which game?
a)    Snooker
b)    Billiards
c)    Chess
d)    Ice Hokey
Ans: c

6.    HTTP stands for :
a)    Hypo Test Transfer Protocol
b)    Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
c)    Hyper Test Transfer Proxy
d)    None of these
Ans: b

7.    Polio disease is spread by
a)    Parasite
b)    Bacteria
c)    Virus
d)    Protozoa
Ans: c

8.    Phylloquinone is the chemical name of
a)    Vitamin A
b)    Vitamin C
c)    Vitamin K
d)    Vitamin D
Ans: c

9.    The Best Parliamentarian Award for 2009 has been conferred on
a)    Hema Malini
b)    Jaipal Reddy
c)    M.M. Joshi
d)    Manmohan Singh
Ans: c

10.     Lothal had a structure which, according to some archaeologists, was a
a)    Citadel
b)    Dockyard
c)    Public Building
d)    Great Tank

11.     Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) consists of
a)    Butane and Propane
b)    Ethane and Hexane
c)    Ethane and nonane
d)    Butane and nonane
Ans: a

12.     The Hobby of collecting stamps is called
a)    Philanthropy
b)    Numismatics
c)    Philately
d)    Philology
Ans: c

13.     The new rupee symbol is a combination of English and _______ scripts
a)    Devanagri
b)    Tamil
c)    Telugu
d)    Gurmukhi
Ans: a

14.     The Nobel Peace Prize for 2009 was awarded to
a)    Barack Obama
b)    Bill Clinton
c)    Mikhail Gorbachev
d)    Nicholas Sarkozy
Ans: a

15.     Who among the following was the author of  “Rajtarangini”, commonly regarded as the first genuine history of India written by an Indian?
a)    Banbhatta
b)    Ravikirti
c)    Pushpadanta
d)    Kalhana

16.     Twitter, Facebook and Orkut are examples of __________ websites
a)    e-mail
b)    social networking
c)    search engines
d)    internet telephony
Ans: b

17.     H1N1 virus causes which of the following disease
a)    Swine Flu
b)    Chikungunya
c)    Dengue
d)    Avian Flu
Ans: a

18.     Biological pigment that determines skin colour in humans is called
a)    Protein
b)    Melanin
c)    Vitamin
d)    Toxin
Ans: b

19.     Which dance form originated from Kerala?
a)    Odissi
b)    Kathak
c)    Kuchipudi
d)    Kathakali
Ans: d

20.    Nathu La is located in the Himalayas. La means
a)    Glacier
b)    Pass
c)    Hillock
d)    Crevasse

21.    A train 350 meters long is moving at a speed of 32 KMPH. It will cross a man coming from the opposite direction at a speed of 3 KMPH in
a)    28 seconds
b)    24 seconds
c)    36 seconds
d)    32 seconds
Ans: c

22.         0.45 / 0.005 + 0.2 x 50=?
a)    10
b)    90
c)    100
d)    90.1
Ans: c

23.     The age of the father is 5 times of the son. After 20 years father age is 40. Then what will be the age of the son
a)    20
b)    22
c)    21
d)    24
Ans: d

24.     A candidate appearing for an examination has to secure 40 % marks to pass paper 1. But he secured only 40 marks and failed by 20 marks. What is the maximum mark for paper 1?
a)    100
b)    200
c)    150
d)    180
Ans: c

25.     Six times of an unknown number is 13 less than 55. The unknown number
a)    10
b)    7
c)    11
d)    5
Ans: b

26.     A sports dealer bought 2000 hockey sticks for Rs. 350 each. 10% of them were found to be defective and unfit to be sold. At what price should he sell the remaining sticks to get an overall profit of 8%?
a)    360
b)    400
c)    420
d)    450
Ans: c

27.     The population of a colony of ants increases by 20% everyday. If one Monday the population is 3000. On which day of the week is it 5184?
a)    Wednesday
b)    Tuesday
c)    Thursday
d)    Friday
Ans: c

28.    Three runners Ajay, Bharath and Charan run a race with Ajay finishing 20 meters ahead of Bharath and 34 meters ahead of Charan, while Bharath finishes 21 meters ahead of Charan. Each runner travels the entire distance at a constant speed. What was the length of the race?
a)    40 meters
b)    50 meters
c)    60 meters
d)    70 meters

29.     If 20 men assemble 8 machines in a day, how many men are needed to assemble 12 machines in a day?
a)    40
b)    20
c)    30
d)    42
Ans: c

30.     Find the area in square meters if the perimeter of football field which is 120 m long is 400 meters.
a)    6500 Sq.m
b)    9600 Sq.m
c)    6800 Sq.m
d)    4800 Sq.m
Ans: b

31.     At the end of the dinner party all the 8 persons at the dinner party shake hands with each other once. How many handshakes will be there in all?
a)    8
b)    16
c)    28
d)    64
Ans: c

32.     Select the correct alternative from the given choices

a)    FVRS
b)    FVQR
c)    FVRR
d)    FVSR
Ans: c

33.    Fill in the blank

8, 40, 50, 100, 50, ____, 125
a)    225
b)    250
c)    200
d)    150
Ans: b

34.      If the digits in the number 86435192 are arranged in ascending order, what will be the difference between the digits which are sound from the right and fourth from the left in the new arrangement?
a)    1
b)    2
c)    4
d)    3
Ans: c
35.     Three of the following four are alike in a certain way and so form a group which is the one that does not belong to that group?
a)    145
b)    325
c)    257
d)    399
Ans: d

36.     In a certain code language, if the word ‘SECTOR’ is coded as ‘CESROT’ then how will you code the word ‘OPPOSITION’
Ans: a

37.     If 30th June, 1989 was a Friday, then what day of the week was 17th September, 1993?
a)    Wednesday
b)    Thursday
c)    Friday
d)    Saturday
 Ans: c

38.     Complete the series

18, 27, 6, 9, 2, 3, ?
a)    1
b)    2/3
c)    1/3
d)    1/2
Ans: b

39.    My school is to the East of my house. My father’s office is to the south-west of my school. A park is to the south of my school. Towards which direction is my house located with respect to the park?
a)    East
b)    North-West
c)    South-East
d)    South
Ans: b

40.    Which one is different from others?
a)    Calf
b)    Colt
c)    Cat
d)    Puppy
Ans: c

41.     “A speech delivered without any previous preparation” can be expressed in one word only out of the following
a)    Extempore
b)    Maiden
c)    Spinster
d)    Empiric
Ans: a

42.     The garden is very dry today. Fetch me a ______ of water
a)    Pale
b)    Pail
c)    Pile
d)    Pill

43.     Please, may I have _______oranges?
a)    a few
b)    some
c)    little
d)    less

44.     Delhi is ________ than Nagpur.
a)    more bigger
b)    so bigger
c)    very bigger
d)    much bigger

45.     Use proper conjunction in the sentence given below:

“Give me _____ poverty _______riches.”
a)    is / was
b)    nor/ neither
c)    neither / nor
d)    here / there
Ans: c

46.     We need to _________ our appointment
a)    reconnect
b)    reschedule
c)    reorganize
d)    regret
Ans: b

47.      Sceptical is exactly opposite to
a)    convinced 
b)    doubtful
c)    questioning
d)    cynic
Ans: a

48.     Choose the wrongly spelt word
a)    Relevent
b)    Poignant
c)    Prevalent
d)    Malignant
Ans: a

49.     A person who hates the institution of marriage
a)    Misologist
b)    Misogamist
c)    Misogynist
d)    Philogynist
Ans: b

50.     We have been friends for ages. I _______ her since we were children.
a)    am knowing
b)    are known
c)    have known
d)    is known
Ans: c

The answers given may be correct. I gave the answers what I know.

After this aptitude test, there will a computer typing exam of 30 minutes duration.
It contains two parts
1.    A paper will be given containing matter of 450 words. You have to type within 15 minutes (30 words per minute). So while you are practicing type you should practice in such a way that you should type matter on paper or book.
2.    Contains addresses (matter contains numbers, letters, symbols)- 15 minutes
You will be given 30 addresses. You should type at least 10 addresses without mistakes. You will be awarded 5 marks if you type at least 10 addresses without mistakes, otherwise you will get zero marks. You can know the marks of this part after completion of test because you are asked to type the addresses in software.

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