Marks: 100        Questions: 50           Date: 14-11-2010        Time: 1 hr
All questions carry 2 marks each. There is no negative marking.
1.    The Jataka Tales were composed in the ancient language of _________
a)    Sanskrit
b)    Brahmi
c)    Greek
d)    Pali

2.    Who is the Head of Indian State?  
a)    Prime Minister
b)    President
c)    Speaker
d)    Vice President
Ans: b

3.    When was constitution of India adopted by Constituent Assembly?
a)    26th November, 1949
b)    26th January, 1950
c)    15th August, 1947
d)    30th January, 1948

4.    Which countries participate in Common Wealth Games?
a)    All countries of World
b)    Countries which were colonies of British Empire
c)    Asia Pacific Region Countries
d)    Under-developed countries
Ans: b

5.    Vishwanathan Anand is associated with which game?
a)    Snooker
b)    Billiards
c)    Chess
d)    Ice Hokey
Ans: c

6.    HTTP stands for :
a)    Hypo Test Transfer Protocol
b)    Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
c)    Hyper Test Transfer Proxy
d)    None of these
Ans: b

7.    Polio disease is spread by
a)    Parasite
b)    Bacteria
c)    Virus
d)    Protozoa
Ans: c

8.    Phylloquinone is the chemical name of
a)    Vitamin A
b)    Vitamin C
c)    Vitamin K
d)    Vitamin D
Ans: c

9.    The Best Parliamentarian Award for 2009 has been conferred on
a)    Hema Malini
b)    Jaipal Reddy
c)    M.M. Joshi
d)    Manmohan Singh
Ans: c

10.     Lothal had a structure which, according to some archaeologists, was a
a)    Citadel
b)    Dockyard
c)    Public Building
d)    Great Tank

11.     Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) consists of
a)    Butane and Propane
b)    Ethane and Hexane
c)    Ethane and nonane
d)    Butane and nonane
Ans: a

12.     The Hobby of collecting stamps is called
a)    Philanthropy
b)    Numismatics
c)    Philately
d)    Philology
Ans: c

13.     The new rupee symbol is a combination of English and _______ scripts
a)    Devanagri
b)    Tamil
c)    Telugu
d)    Gurmukhi
Ans: a

14.     The Nobel Peace Prize for 2009 was awarded to
a)    Barack Obama
b)    Bill Clinton
c)    Mikhail Gorbachev
d)    Nicholas Sarkozy
Ans: a

15.     Who among the following was the author of  “Rajtarangini”, commonly regarded as the first genuine history of India written by an Indian?
a)    Banbhatta
b)    Ravikirti
c)    Pushpadanta
d)    Kalhana

16.     Twitter, Facebook and Orkut are examples of __________ websites
a)    e-mail
b)    social networking
c)    search engines
d)    internet telephony
Ans: b

17.     H1N1 virus causes which of the following disease
a)    Swine Flu
b)    Chikungunya
c)    Dengue
d)    Avian Flu
Ans: a

18.     Biological pigment that determines skin colour in humans is called
a)    Protein
b)    Melanin
c)    Vitamin
d)    Toxin
Ans: b

19.     Which dance form originated from Kerala?
a)    Odissi
b)    Kathak
c)    Kuchipudi
d)    Kathakali
Ans: d

20.    Nathu La is located in the Himalayas. La means
a)    Glacier
b)    Pass
c)    Hillock
d)    Crevasse

21.    A train 350 meters long is moving at a speed of 32 KMPH. It will cross a man coming from the opposite direction at a speed of 3 KMPH in
a)    28 seconds
b)    24 seconds
c)    36 seconds
d)    32 seconds
Ans: c

22.         0.45 / 0.005 + 0.2 x 50=?
a)    10
b)    90
c)    100
d)    90.1
Ans: c

23.     The age of the father is 5 times of the son. After 20 years father age is 40. Then what will be the age of the son
a)    20
b)    22
c)    21
d)    24
Ans: d

24.     A candidate appearing for an examination has to secure 40 % marks to pass paper 1. But he secured only 40 marks and failed by 20 marks. What is the maximum mark for paper 1?
a)    100
b)    200
c)    150
d)    180
Ans: c

25.     Six times of an unknown number is 13 less than 55. The unknown number
a)    10
b)    7
c)    11
d)    5
Ans: b

26.     A sports dealer bought 2000 hockey sticks for Rs. 350 each. 10% of them were found to be defective and unfit to be sold. At what price should he sell the remaining sticks to get an overall profit of 8%?
a)    360
b)    400
c)    420
d)    450
Ans: c

27.     The population of a colony of ants increases by 20% everyday. If one Monday the population is 3000. On which day of the week is it 5184?
a)    Wednesday
b)    Tuesday
c)    Thursday
d)    Friday
Ans: c

28.    Three runners Ajay, Bharath and Charan run a race with Ajay finishing 20 meters ahead of Bharath and 34 meters ahead of Charan, while Bharath finishes 21 meters ahead of Charan. Each runner travels the entire distance at a constant speed. What was the length of the race?
a)    40 meters
b)    50 meters
c)    60 meters
d)    70 meters

29.     If 20 men assemble 8 machines in a day, how many men are needed to assemble 12 machines in a day?
a)    40
b)    20
c)    30
d)    42
Ans: c

30.     Find the area in square meters if the perimeter of football field which is 120 m long is 400 meters.
a)    6500 Sq.m
b)    9600 Sq.m
c)    6800 Sq.m
d)    4800 Sq.m
Ans: b

31.     At the end of the dinner party all the 8 persons at the dinner party shake hands with each other once. How many handshakes will be there in all?
a)    8
b)    16
c)    28
d)    64
Ans: c

32.     Select the correct alternative from the given choices

a)    FVRS
b)    FVQR
c)    FVRR
d)    FVSR
Ans: c

33.    Fill in the blank

8, 40, 50, 100, 50, ____, 125
a)    225
b)    250
c)    200
d)    150
Ans: b

34.      If the digits in the number 86435192 are arranged in ascending order, what will be the difference between the digits which are sound from the right and fourth from the left in the new arrangement?
a)    1
b)    2
c)    4
d)    3
Ans: c
35.     Three of the following four are alike in a certain way and so form a group which is the one that does not belong to that group?
a)    145
b)    325
c)    257
d)    399
Ans: d

36.     In a certain code language, if the word ‘SECTOR’ is coded as ‘CESROT’ then how will you code the word ‘OPPOSITION’
Ans: a

37.     If 30th June, 1989 was a Friday, then what day of the week was 17th September, 1993?
a)    Wednesday
b)    Thursday
c)    Friday
d)    Saturday
 Ans: c

38.     Complete the series

18, 27, 6, 9, 2, 3, ?
a)    1
b)    2/3
c)    1/3
d)    1/2
Ans: b

39.    My school is to the East of my house. My father’s office is to the south-west of my school. A park is to the south of my school. Towards which direction is my house located with respect to the park?
a)    East
b)    North-West
c)    South-East
d)    South
Ans: b

40.    Which one is different from others?
a)    Calf
b)    Colt
c)    Cat
d)    Puppy
Ans: c

41.     “A speech delivered without any previous preparation” can be expressed in one word only out of the following
a)    Extempore
b)    Maiden
c)    Spinster
d)    Empiric
Ans: a

42.     The garden is very dry today. Fetch me a ______ of water
a)    Pale
b)    Pail
c)    Pile
d)    Pill

43.     Please, may I have _______oranges?
a)    a few
b)    some
c)    little
d)    less

44.     Delhi is ________ than Nagpur.
a)    more bigger
b)    so bigger
c)    very bigger
d)    much bigger

45.     Use proper conjunction in the sentence given below:

“Give me _____ poverty _______riches.”
a)    is / was
b)    nor/ neither
c)    neither / nor
d)    here / there
Ans: c

46.     We need to _________ our appointment
a)    reconnect
b)    reschedule
c)    reorganize
d)    regret
Ans: b

47.      Sceptical is exactly opposite to
a)    convinced 
b)    doubtful
c)    questioning
d)    cynic
Ans: a

48.     Choose the wrongly spelt word
a)    Relevent
b)    Poignant
c)    Prevalent
d)    Malignant
Ans: a

49.     A person who hates the institution of marriage
a)    Misologist
b)    Misogamist
c)    Misogynist
d)    Philogynist
Ans: b

50.     We have been friends for ages. I _______ her since we were children.
a)    am knowing
b)    are known
c)    have known
d)    is known
Ans: c

The answers given may be correct. I gave the answers what I know.

After this aptitude test, there will a computer typing exam of 30 minutes duration.
It contains two parts
1.    A paper will be given containing matter of 450 words. You have to type within 15 minutes (30 words per minute). So while you are practicing type you should practice in such a way that you should type matter on paper or book.
2.    Contains addresses (matter contains numbers, letters, symbols)- 15 minutes
You will be given 30 addresses. You should type at least 10 addresses without mistakes. You will be awarded 5 marks if you type at least 10 addresses without mistakes, otherwise you will get zero marks. You can know the marks of this part after completion of test because you are asked to type the addresses in software.

AP Board Inter 1st Year Exam Results 2010

A.P. Board Of Intermediate Education March 2010
Inter I Year Examination Results 

For results Click here 


Inter 1st Year Results through SMS    send    IFY HT.NO   to   54999
Available @ 11.30AM! 

Oriental Insurance-165 AO Jobs Feb2010

The Oriental Insurance Company Ltd. Invites applications for the post of Administrative Officers (AO)
Last Date: March 15, 2010
Written Test On: May 09, 2010

Administrative Officer (AO) – Scale I

165 (Gen: 83, SC: 25, ST: 13, OBC: 44, (PWD-7))
Age Limit:
21-28 years [Relaxation as per rules]

Selection Process:

Selections for the post will be made via Objective and Subjective Written Test.
Application Fee:
SC/ST: Rs. 50
Others: Rs. 500
How to Apply:
Application forms duly filled-in and placed inside the self addressed envelope (provided along with the Instruction Booklet) should be dispatched so as to reach:
POST BAG NO. 2281,
NEW DELHI 110021
Download More Details:

IIM Indore-EPGP 2010-11 | Executive Post Graduate Programme in Management

 IIM Indore

Executive Post Graduate Programme in Management (EPGP) (2010-2011)

Application Form


The Executive Post Graduate Programme in Management (EPGP) is an intensive one-year residential program exemplifying the academic rigor and progressive thinking at IIM Indore. Specially designed to enhance knowledge, skills and capabilities essential for managing and leading organizations, the programme combines skill-building with exploration of good management practices. The exposure to new perspectives, contemporary theories and approaches in management lends focus to leading in turbulent times. In addition to a comprehensive functional core module, the electives provide opportunities to specialize in Strategy, Leadership, and International Business.

The Candidate must have
i) A Bachelor's Degree or its equivalent in any discipline.
ii) A valid CAT /GMAT score
iii) Minimum 5 years of managerial/ entrepreneurial/ professional experience after graduation.

The programme is open to all nationalities.

Selection Process
Interview of short listed candidates will be conducted at various locations depending on the number of candidates from that region. Short-listing of candidates for interview will be done based on a number of criteria like CAT /GMAT score, Academic performance, work experience etc as decided by the admissions committee.

Selection & registering for the programme:
Candidates will be selected based on CAT /GMAT score, academic performance, achievements, performance in the interview, work experience etc as decided by the admissions committee. Selected candidates have to register for the programme in Sept 2010.

The pedagogy will be a judicious mix of lectures, case discussions, project work, term papers, role-play, seminar presentations, assignments, management games, and simulations.

Programme details
The EPGP is structured to prepare executives for transformational leadership positions. During the intense one-year programme, they will work towards developing a deeper understanding of various facets of management and hone their managerial skills. The programme is spread over five academic terms. The first three terms (mostly composed of core courses) focus on laying the foundation for the specialization through a bundle of electives offered in the other terms. The last two terms are mostly electives and other experiential learning. An intervening international module provides an opportunity to develop an understanding of the global business environment and the ability to operate in a multicultural environment.

How to Apply
Candidates seeking admission to the one-year EPGP programme of IIM-Indore (2010-11 batch) either have to appear in the Common Admission Test (CAT 2009) or submit their GMAT score. The GMAT score should have been obtained between Jan 1, 2007 and March 31, 2010. They will have to send in a separate application form which can be downloaded from our website A separate advertisement will be released in due course indicating the date from which the application form will be available on the website.
The completed application form along with the processing fee should reach IIM Indore on or before 20th April, 2010. The application processing fee is Rs. 3500/- for resident Indians and U.S. $ 110/- for other nationals and non-resident Indians. Please enclose a D/D for the application-processing fee drawn in favour of IIM Indore payable at Indore along with the application.

Candidates applying through CAT 2009 have to mention their CAT Application Form number in the EPGP Application form. Candidates applying through GMAT have to submit their GMAT score along with the EPGP Application form.

Programme fee
The programme fee is Rs. 18,00,000/- (Rupees Eighteen Lakhs only) for Indian Nationals(Indian passport holders) and US $45,000 (U.S.D forty five thousand only) for Foreign Nationals(Foreign passport holders). The fee includes tuition, course material, access to library facilities, network /computer charges, lodging and board. All expenses towards International travel, visa, passport etc. would have to be borne by the candidate. Expenses towards lodging, boarding and academic input(international) are included in the fee.

The Institute`s placement cell will provide assistance, help, and guidance for the placement of the EPGP participants.
The associated programme code for One Year Executive Post-Graduate Programme in Management(EPGP) is "2ZX-H9-35"

For clarifications/enquiries contact:
Officer - EPGP Office
Indian Institute of Management Indore
Prabandh Shikhar, Rau –Pithampur Road,
Indore - 453 331
(M.P). India
Phone: 91-731-2439672

NISM-Empanelment of 'Financial Literacy Resource Persons Feb2010

National Institute of Securities Markets

Empanelment of 'Financial Literacy Resource Persons

NISM, on behalf of SEBI, invites applications from candidates based in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh for the empanelment as “Financial Literacy Resource Persons” to be part of the financial literacy efforts of SEBI and NISM.

Selection Criteria:
  • The Resource Person(RP) should be a teacher in the graduate or postgraduate course of a college in any of the following streams: Commerce, Economics, Finance
  • RP himself, at the least, should be a post graduate in any of the aforementioned fields of study
  • RP should have a minimum teaching experience of 5 years
  • RP should neither be connected to any intermediary nor should promote commercial interest of any intermediary nor should he be undertaking any securities markets related business activity on an individual or a proprietorship basis
  • RP should have proficiency in English as a medium of instruction for the participants of the investor education programs to be held in different zones of India
  • In addition the RP should have proficiency in the local language of the state that he/ she is based in. RP should be willing to travel across the assigned area and conduct financial literacy programs at various locations
  • The RP should have good presentation and communication skills and should be competent enough to conduct presentation and training programs/ on any of the modules of financial literacy materials.
  • The RP  must undertake to conduct at least 12 training workshops, in a year on his own
  • The RP should preferably have experience of conducting training and education programs of interest to retail investors
  • The RP should have a good understanding of financial markets and financial products for the retail investor
  • Preference will be given to those candidates who are less than 60 years of age; are comfortable using and own audio visual aids like laptops.
  • Selected candidates have to undergo training, pass any examination on completion of training and agree to sign a code of conduct before being Empanelled as Resource Person

Certified Teacher:
The Resource Person shall be certified by SEBI as “Certified teacher for financial literacy”.
Selected Candidates shall be remunerated on the basis of the number of programs conducted.
General instructions for submission of applications:
  • Candidates may obtain the application form from website.
  • Additional information can be provided by attaching enclosure to the form.
  • Application forms not submitted in the prescribed format will be summarily rejected.
  • The application form should be filled up in CAPITAL LETTERS and in ENGLISH only.
  • Candidates will ensure that all the entries have been correctly filled in. The application as well as photograph will be duly signed by the candidate before submission of the application form.
  • Applications which are incomplete, mutilated, illegible, received after the prescribed date and from ineligible candidates will not be considered.  CANDIDATES SHOULD SATISFY THEMSELVES ABOUT THEIR ELIGIBILITY BEFORE APPLYING.
  • Relieving/No objection Certificate from the existing employer needs to be submitted before being empanelled.
  • NISM shall not entertain request from the candidates seeking advice about their eligibility to apply.
  • Communication in respect of selection of Resource Persons mentioned in this advertisement will be sent only to successful candidates.
  • Interested candidates who have the passion for spreading financial literacy should send their duly filled, scanned copies of application form by email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or to the below mentioned address so as to reach latest by March 7, 2010.

Financial Literacy Resource Persons
National Institute of Securities Markets
Ground Floor, UTI House, Plot No. 82, Sector 17,
Vashi, Navi Mumbai 400 705

Railway Recruitment-1991 Assistant Station Master, 24 Traffic Assistant jobs Feb2010


Applications are invited in the prescribed format as enclosed( on a good quality A-4 size bond paper of 80 GSM using one side only) from eligible Indian Nationals for the posts of Assistant Station Master and Traffic Assistant (Metro Railway/Kolkata). Applications complete in all respects along with required enclosures should be sent by post to the concerned Railway Recruitment Board as mentioned in para 15 of this notification, so as to reach on or before 23.03.2010 up to 17.30 Hrs. The applications can also be dropped in the box kept at the premises of concerned RRB offices, till the closing date. For candidates residing in Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura, Sikkim, Jammu & Kashmir, Lahaul & Spiti districts and Pangi sub-division of Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh, Andaman, Nicobar and Lakshwadeep islands and for candidates residing abroad, the closing date for receipt of applications by posts will be 07.04.2010 up to 17.30 Hrs.

No.of posts:
Assistant Station Master- 1991
Traffic Assistant-24

For complete information and Application form  Click here

BARC-Walk-in for different posts on Feb2010

Baba Atomic Research Centre conducts Walk-in for the following posts

1. General duty Medical Officer: 23-02-2010 at 11 am
2. Medical Officer (Ortho) : 23-02-2010 at 11 am
3.Pathology Technician: 24-02-2010 at 2 pm
4. Dentist Technician: 25-02-2010 at  2pm
5. Pharmacist- 26-02-2010 at 2pm

For Complete details visit

UPSC-IFS Exam 2010 Notification Exam

Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is going to conduct Indian Forest Service Examination 2010 for recruitment to the Indian Forest Service Officers commencing from July 10, 2010.
Last Date:
March 22, 2010
Number of Vacancies:
Age Limit:
21 to 30 (as on July 01, 2010)
[Age Relaxation as per rules]
IFS Eligibility Qualification:
Bachelor's degree of any recognised university with at least one of the subjects namely Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science, Botany, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics and Zoology or a Bachelor's degree in Agriculture, Forestry or in Engineering or an equivalent qualification.

Application Form:
Candidates can apply in the Common Application Form devised by UPSC for its examinations, which can be purchased from the designated Head Post Offices/ Post offices throughout the country against cash payment of Rs. 20/- only.
Application Fee:
Gen / OBC: Rs. 100
To be paid through Central Recruitment Fee Stamp only.
How to Apply:
All applications must reach the "Secretary, Union Public Service Commission, Dholpur House, Shahjahan Road, New Delhi-110069" either by hand or by Post/Speed Post or by courier on or before last date.
Download More Details and Application Procedure:

Tis Hazari Court, Delhi-180 Stenographer Jobs Feb2010

Tis Hazari Court, Delhi

Applications are invited by Office of the District & Sessions Judge, Tis Hazari Court, Delhi for appointment for the following post:
Last Date: March 16, 2010 
Online Application Starts: Feb 18, 2010 (11.30 am)
Online Application Ends: March 04, 2010 (4 pm)

Stenographers (Grade-III) :

180 (Gen: 57, SC: 21, ST: 17, OBC: 38, XSM: 43, PH: 04 )
Pay Scale:
Rs. 5200-20200 (Grade Pay Rs.2400)
Age Limit:
18-27 years (as on March 01, 2010) [Relaxation in age as per rules]
Educational Qualification:
10+2 or equivalent with English as main subject
Should have adequate working knowledge of computer.
Selection Procedure:
Selection will be done via Written Test of English, successful candidates will be called for shorthand and typing @ 80/40 wpm in English.
The shortlisted candidates would also undergo a computer skill test and interview.
Application Fee:
Gen: Rs. 300
Reserved Category: Rs. 150
Fee to be paid by means of DD/ Bankers Cheque only drawn in favour of The District & Sessions Judge, Tis Hazari Courts, Delhi.
How to Apply:
Apply Online only at the Delhi courts website from Feb 18, 2010 11.30 am to March 04, 2010 4.00 pm.
Print the generated application and  send it to:
The office of the Chairman,
Stenographer's Recruitment Committee 2010,
The District & Sessions Judge,
Tis Hazari Court,
Apply Online at: